Sinhala – Sinhala Dictionary

The foremost project carried out by the Dictionary Division is the compilation of the Etymological Sinhala Dictionary. This supplies comprehensive meanings to the words arranged alphabetically, elucidating grammatical variations and etymologies. This Dictionary, true to its name treats over two hundred thousand lexical articles and was completed in 1992 in 26 volumes and 46 parts. Thereafter, the production of its revised volumes started and it present 5 volumes ending with vowels have been released are volume 6 is being prepared for printing and publishing.

Sinhala – English Dictionary

At the start of the Sinhala Dictionary Project the first task was the compilation of the Sinhala – English Dictionary. This Dictionary helps to the Sinhala language to be presented to the international sphere and to cater to the needs of the linguists across the globe. Up to 28th volumes has been published.

Sinhala - TamilEnglish Tri-lingual Dictionary

In keeping with the government policy of making Sri Lanka a tri-lingual nation the Dictionary Division compiles a Sinhala-English – Tamil Tri-lingual Dictionary. Considered as an intensive project the first –volume of this Dictionary has been completed with supplying meanings to the words and at present is in the stage of proof reading.

Sinhala Concise Dictionary

This Dictionary gives brief meanings to the words and is prepared for the common reader to purchase it at an affordable price and use. The Sinhala concise Dictionary has been issued in two volumes. Its first part of second edition is being prepared for publishing in near future.