The Sinhala language that has been treated by scholars with great respect as an excellent language among Indo-Aryan languages, is used by the present Sri Lankans as a written and spoken language. The Sinhala Dictionary is the highest academic research in respect of the Sinhala Language that has evolved for a long period of time through the two thousand years, with various changes, influences.

The compilation of the Sinhala Dictionary that commenced during the British period with the blessings of the Government is continued without a break. This project that was handled by the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society was transferred to the University of Ceylon. At present it is continued under the auspices of the Cultural Department as a full research oriented project. This etymological dictionary compiled according to the modern lexicographical guidelines, is second to none of its kind in respect of high standards. This dictionary also could be considered as a maximum Endeavour taken to elucidate meanings after arranging words in the alphabetical order and treated them having found out their etymologies and understanding grammatical constructions. This is the reason why the Sinhala Dictionary occupies a special place among such dictionaries that give a set of synonymous words as meanings. It is a prominent characteristic that in the sphere of language, certain scholars produce dictionaries according to the views of their scholarly traditions may manifest. The main Dictionary is not limited to such boundaries set by individuals. The Sinhala Dictionary is compiled with the advice of scholars proficient in various fields who have reached highest standards. The Editor-in-chief and the Editorial staff of the Sinhala Dictionary are graduates and scholars who have participated in lexicographical research in Universities in foreign countries. It is a great asset to maintain high standard of the Dictionary.

Projects designed in keeping with the present language policy of the government of Sri Lanka are also carried out in the Sinhala Dictionary office. Accordingly, a Tri-lingual Dictionary Sinhala-English-Tamil is also compiled. The Sinhala Dictionary possesses the authoritative power to give meanings to words of the Sinhala language. It is the meanings elucidated by the Sinhala Dictionary that takes precedence in solving a problem faced in a legal or any other matter.

The aim of issuing these revised editions is to update the language for the changes that occur in the words and the discussion of meanings in the revised and re- revised volumes of the Sinhala Dictionary. A great service is rendered by the main Dictionary for the nourishment and the protection of the quality of life of the Sinhala language in keeping with the modern subjects that appear among with globalization.